The emotional diary of a novice Pt 1

Coming up from a strict home with 4 brothers who were religiously stiff with the things of God, Osas sometimes felt like the black sheep because he had this perspective that was so different from his brothers. His dad left while he was 16 and he didn’t really have any uncles or aunts around to make him fully aware of his emotional capabilities, his mum tried her best but she couldn’t penetrate the thick layers of his teenage years…………. I know you would ask if both of his parents didn’t have brothers or sisters. They did but there was this family issue that had none of them visiting.
So its safe to say he was nurtured by the boarding schools he attended and that really affected his personality. He wasn’t an introvert, he was infact a sanguine and a melancholy but the sanguine part was domineering. In school he was popular because he was intelligent, friendly and at the same time blunt. Initially he had spent his junior secondary days in an all boys school so he had this very insensitive and inexperienced attitude towards the opposite sex. They moved to a new environment and he had to change to a new school. It was actually strange because the last time he was in a learning environment with the opposite sex he was still young and was yet to experience puberty. Now he’s in a class with females having the greater number, he started to be aware of the feminine structure, the curves, the sensual voice, the humps and the lumps. Sometimes out of shyness when he was less busy or during a free period he would bow his head down, but each time his head was up he would have this sharp eye contact with a girl called Tolani it was weird because this made his heart beat fast and made his palm sweaty. Once, she was having this truth or dare game with one of her friends and she was dared by her friend to come and give osas a hug. At first she was feeling reluctant to do it but she did it and from there they started talking and became very good friends never really talking about their inner feeling for each other till they both graduated out of high school. Mobile phone was just thriving among nigerians and telecom firms were eager to get and keep their customers. So after the valedictory service osas gave tolani his mothers phone number and asked her to call only at night. Fortunately he heard of the happy hours(free calls from 12:30am-4:30am) so he spent nights trying to build a solid relationship with Tolani until she traveled to london.
For a while it felt like osas had lost a part of him until he met Ini a girl he seldom talked with in church.
To be continued.

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