On a sunday I had to chill with my cousin at one of this open air relaxation spots and possibly catch some live premiership matches. Actually had a couple of my green bottle brand and then tried to relax but I couldn’t. Why? Because the music was loud and disorganized and I couldn’t leave because my cousin was really enjoying his day.
My generation is filled with Party crazed individuals who get together with extremely loud upbeat music. The jet age is what they call us but if we travel all our lives with Jets would we ever savor the beauty of life? Would we ever understand the concept of patience? Would we ever see the sufferings of the kid next door?
When we get together we don’t brainstorm. Some of us hardly even know how to read our own emotions.
We talk about how the government has sidelined and marginalized the youths and yet we are happy cuz there’s always noisy music and a lot of booze and cheap drugs. The nationalists movement that helped africa to shift from colonial manipulation to self determined government didn’t have its members partying under the influence of alcohol and upbeat music. Instead they sat down and verbalized their ideas in a much more quiet and organized environment. Funny enough we are even taking this noise making attitude into sacred places of worship which is really appalling.
We need to slow down and plan what the way forward is. Don’t get me wrong I’m not against being happy with friends but at least we should gather once in a while and soberly see the future. If we continue with this attitude we won’t go far at all……………. To be continued

Iduwe Leonards thoughts



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