The person i’m not sure off

Yesterday before leaving the house I spent close to thirty minutes in front of my mother’s mirror. Don’t get it wrong I was dressing up and at the same time I wanted to have this heart to heart discussion with the man in the mirror.
I am Leonard Ekene Iduwe and so? But there was something else I noticed and that was the fact that I had this unhappiness inside of me and its wails were actually beaming faintly from my eyes. I had a problem and that problem was getting to know what was actually wrong with me.
I tried doing a quick soul search and I realized that I have strayed away from God Almighty, I’ve become much of a complainer and most of all I have allowed the reoccuring thoughts of comfort darken my once blue and sunny sky.
I am an addict(I’d be discreet on this one) who sees my addiction as the easiest way to escape my underlying problems. I love Rap music and sometimes when I feel alone I just use my earplugs to communicate with the gods of the genre. 2weeks ago I went thru the family pictures and I noticed the innocent me with the big eye(plain and void) and smiling face, slender frame and small ear. Now this mirror shows me a different image,an image i find hard to understand. Now my eyes tells a lot I can’t even tell if its lying or its telling the truth. My mum complains about my paranoia and my quick temper, yeah I know it I flip this days and it has made small issues worst. I have become clumsy and shaky with everything I do. My room has become a collage of clothes scattered everywhere. Could it be am lazy or slothful? Nah I don’t think so the thing is I have spent so much time in ma environment and its really alarming how my surrounding depict the harshness and filth the average nigerian go through. I pray God changes me into being the desired dude I always wanted to be cuz I really need that change I know have strayed away from the path now am just walking on the curb distracted from the mission ahead………. Happy birthday to me

Iduwe Leonards thoughts


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