The Nigerian state so far.

The Last content I posted was about the emergence of the APC(All progressives congress) and the bunch of seem to be repentant political hoodlums with the said plan of salvaging the already crumbled Nigerian state.
This time I am about to analyze the Nigerian state and its happenings so far.
INSECURITY: Ever since the president of the federal republic of Nigeria declared a Partial state of emergency in three states on the North east(Adamawa,Yobe and Borno) notably strongholds of the boko haram militants.
We were all aware of the threats of the most wanted man in the country Abubakar Shekau that he is shifting his focus towards the political seat of the country.
I expected every hand to be on deck but we were surprised that the ugly Nyanya incidence was carried out with such fineness.
It took the same federal government 18days for them to realize that over 200 girls were actually kidnapped I guess the worlds continuous cry and protests aroused their ability to realize the truth.
Sambisa forest from what we learnt is a small geographical Landscape close to the border of Borno and Cameroon and yet the military still can’t even give us the Latitude and longitude of that strong hold.
It was said and confirmed that the chibok community had received a threat and had told the military personnels and yet nothing was done. An eight hours operation was carried out with trucks and sporadic shooting and our camouflage cladded heroes were no where to be found and teenagers were transported like livestock into the forest.
Back to the Nyanya bombings I watched the president visit the park where the heinous act had been carried out and I saw the surprise on his face. Maybe he was made to believe that his armed forces and police men had the whole situation tamed and caged. Few weeks later another massive attack was carried out near the same bus park and we say we have intelligence gathering huh? Are we really secured? Are we at war? Do we need to be analyzing this whole menace?
THE ECONOMY: Just last month they said our GDP was Re based and we were now the biggest economy in africa. That had me laughing.
If we really had a big economy we won’t be going through what we are going through right now. A 54 year old shameless nation that is yet to fix its power sector? Very few places in this country can boast of 18hrs uninterrupted power supply. I actually read an article written by a dutch man about Nigeria and I was crumbled on the inside because someone outside our house knows exactly the problem of our home.
Is it our crude oil we export outside to refine and import back to be sold at a higher price?
I sometimes don’t understand how this things work. Its just like having a Plantation of pineapple and yet you still go out to buy Pineapple juice when the only thing you need to do is too invest into the pineapple squeeze machine. Sounds stupid to me and anyone with brains seated right in its cranium.
The Coordinating minister of finance and the economy just trying to convince us with “figures on sheets” expecting us to understand when we are actually hungry.
EDUCATION: In developed Nations education is a sure drive for development in every state but the state of the Nigerian educational system is in great mess that even graduates can’t defend the certificates the school give them. Watched an analyst talk about the millions of dollars Nigerians spend outside its shores just to gain a good education. We have Nigerians going as far as Togo, ghana, egypt, cotounu etc just so they can get quality and hitch free college years.
The nigerian educational situation is a story of descriptive nonsense. just last year the federal government and the striking lecturers took 6 months to get their acts right and presently the Polytechnics and colleges of education have been on strike for close to 9 months.
UNEMPLOYMENT: The joy of every Nigerian Parent is too see their children get integrated into the working class society so that they can take care of them when they are old.
The Nigerian issue is a case of having Over a million graduates every year with maybe 200 000 spaces for employment. So what happens to the remaining 800 000 they are left with the options of either getting self employed or staying Jobless.

Iduwe Leonards thoughts


One thought on “The Nigerian state so far.

  1. This country is cursed, its even more tiring when all some Nigerians do is pray pray pray pray and pray… Like God will come down and fight this battle for them. Redeem and MFM will cause unnecessary hold up almost every weekend, still no sign of progress or fortune for this nation in sight. We are way behind some africa countries we claim big brother to.

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