Societal failure

2:51:27 PM March 19th 2014 I was at the popular ever busy food stuffs market(Mile 12) and I was actually trying to cool off in a buca( make shift canteen) on the road side and I saw a pregnant woman with a bowl and I just froze and focused on her……….. Once she sees somebody that’s about to enter the market she advertises herself and tells the person how much she would carry the person’s goods.
Since my two decades of being a resident in lagos state I’ve seen different people with different hustles but what I saw at Mile 12 wasn’t right to me. I mean she was very heavy and yet she was doing that just to survive. This shows you how harsh the world is. Back then in the good old years Women were treated like eggs especially the pregnant ones.
Would have wrote this before Mothers day but I was just trying to gather my thoughts before I post it here. Nowadays we have women catering for the whole family being the effective bread winner why the man is just a figure head. It makes me feel ashamed as a man. Marital purpose has been smashed into a brick wall the values I was thought says “Once you get married its your responsibility to cater for the needs, wants and comfort of your wife and kids. Most men have veered off course and are now becoming stooges, living the whole responsibilities to the woman which is very wrong and pathetic.
Women are too be pampered, women are to be taken care off. In the UAE(united arab emirates) married women are treated like queens that’s the true value.
My fellow men let us treat this women with respect I know its hard but let us care more. I don’t see my wife in the condition of that mile 12 Alagbaru(Load carrier) God forbid even if life doesn’t smile on me I would try to keep her in a safe place.
I dedicate this post to every woman out there especially my mother Mrs Mary Uloma Iduwe and the pregnant mile 12 woman……….. Peace!!!

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