Do They Really Care?

In 2011 the present president had us all emotionally persuaded with his tales of his impoverished past, his hobbit days, days when he had no shoes and so on and so forth. We all bought that, Paid in full and saw him as the man to bring economic salvation to the close to wretched masses. Old men old women,the youths we all came out in mass to hopefully exercise our franchise even though he was under the seriously perforated umbrella of the failed PDP. We all wanted somebody different somebody who has not been in the sport of politics, a fresh blood. Remember he had already spent the remaining tenure of the late Yar adua.
Elections came and went and he was sworn in and became Nigeria’s 3rd president after the democratic transition in 1999.
Enough of the history. My points may be disputed by some especially the militants under the pay roll of the government’s amnesty program.
Some may see it from my own point of view, some may see me as being hateful of my south south brother but let me be frank this present regime has been dancing on the same spot ever since and our economy is still wallowing in our self inflicted poverty.
Sometimes I wonder if he as a man who claims to have had shoeless encounter with poverty still remembers what suffering means?
A president that removed the subsidy on PMS(Premium motor spirit) on the 1st month of the year without considering the pain he would inflict on the already suffering nigerian citizen.
A president that’s been unable to tackle corruption for we still see criminals roam free in grandeur and its so appalling.
Electricity has partially been privatized and the sector is at its worst.
The most failing part of this government is the inability to curtail persistent strikes in our public universities and being that the president was a lecturer before his abysmal journey of being a politician yet he couldn’t dialogue with his colleagues for 6months and his cohorts saw the strike as being a weapon of political combat which sounds dumb to an embarrassing extent.
If you remember during the subsidy protest after one week of what I call a fruitless cause we had armed soldiers on major high ways and the same President waited for years before he could declare state of emergency on the north east that was torn by incessant terror attacks by the dreadful Boko haram sect.
So many failures I can’t keep pointing out because it might make this post a little bulky but the present administration is nothing but a failure to the Nigerian Populace, we’ve lost more People to insecurity which can be curbed if we had a president able to make certain decision without being soft feminish.
We do not need a national conference to solve nigeria’s disgraceful problems. Nigerians just need their roads to be commuter friendly, they need power, a functional health sector, standard educational system, substantial Jobs and security shikena!!!
Now the opposition gave us their road map to what they call A new Nigeria and it makes me Nauseous and sick when I see those in the forefront of the change they are clamoring for.
Senator Ashiwaju Tinubu playing the Godfather and bringing all the families of opposition Parties to the table so that they would satisfy their insatiable greed. The same tinubu appointed his daughter as the iya loja general( head of the market women). A lot of wrongs is what I see. Mr Atiku abubakar if u remember was Obasanjo’s vice during the 8years obasanjo was president under civilian rule.
Heard him talk about how the PDP his 1st political love has failed. The political bitch that has jumped 4rm one party to another has now turned to an advocate for change?
I’d stop here for now and would further write about the failures of both the opposition and the ruling party

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