“Yet the beatsmiths remain Unsung”

Growing up as a kid I was exposed to a lot of music both local and international stuffs infact my dad had a dusty stack of Vinyl ranging from Fela’s work to billy ocean to bob marley to the jackson 5 to shalamar and so on.
Then when I listened to those songs I didn’t get the proper feel…… I know I was always energetic whenever I heard micheal jackson “don’t stop till you get enough”.
Fast forward to now its been over 20 something years and recently I download the same song and I listened to what Quincy Jones did on that song and its just so immaculate and creative.
The drums the keys and everything is just so soothing to hear especially if you are high on Reefer……….
Let’s bring it back home…….. Fela was a maestro in his field even though Tony allen the legendary drummer was also responsible for his success to.
Nowadays in this Generation where good music is considered trash and crap is served to a brain dead society like its a five course meal we tend to glorify the artistes.
But from my own school of thought I don’t give a hoot once your song is below my listening standard then too me its trash and garbage bound.
The other day me and my friends had a listening session after blowing Reefer and we were listening to some Nigerian songs and then Caro start blaring out and after listening for a while I was like why is the Artiste of this song celebrated more than the beat smith?
And we listened to more songs and it was just the same thing Dope beats wack lyrics. Only 5% of the Artistes get in the booth and do justice. The remaining 95% just get drugged up like pregnant women with complications and say what the drug tells them to say and we the choiceless consumers take it without checking the content out.
Another question I want to ask is do the beat producers get further payment after the production fees? Because this artistes and labels get paid a 1000% more than what the producers earns. Look at the iyanya and Dtunes’ situation, del b and kcee’s situation, sheazy and davido’s situation and so on can’t keep mentioning my hand don dey pain me…….. I still got more and more industrial criticism to direct severely to this crazy and deceitful entertainment industry.

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