What are your 2014 Plans/Expectations?

31st December was just like any other day for me except for the fact that I slept like a bricklayer through out the day.
Later that evening I woke up to a street amped up and charged up to step into 2014. So I retreated into my mole hole and was like “Did I really achieve anything in 2013?” A question that kept me thinking for a very long time………. The answer is yes some of my achievements minimal some of them personal and some of them were even funny and that kept me laughing.
Now I went to church filled with vim and vigor and then again a silent voice in me asked “What are your plans in 2014?” And that slowed down the tempo of the party I was already vibing too and immediately I started writing down things meaningful and meaningless and you can imagine what a youth today’s scale of preference would look like…….. Hahahahaha.
But one important to me was the resolution to be blunt and not pamper or tolerate misbehaviors.
And I hope my anger management issue is checked too
Happy new year everyone may our dreams and wishes come to pass.

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