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Music! We all have that moment and time where we just wanna listen to something that’s pleasant, something melodious, something with depth, something that would make you escape the bustle of this crazy life.
But let’s be real do we still have songs that we could use to chill (yoga style) in nigeria? From my own point of view its a big “NO” and even if you see my opinion as being one sided or biased, you could point out my fault and tell me I’m wrong.
Let me start with lyrical content…….. Every nigerian music loyalist would agree with me that 75% of our songs lack lyrical depth and what we hear is just senseless and meaningless chants and sing along choruses on nicely laced beats.
I took a friend’s flash drive filled with a lot of Nigerian songs and honestly speaking what our glorified artistes churned out this year is absolute crap amplified by hype and radio/TV rotations.
Kcee’s pull over was one of those songs that had everybody going. Gaga over it bcos of the dance inspiring tune it has but lyric wise that’s not gonna par with anything that’s creative.
Wizkid’s Caro funny enough is a song I like to listen too when am high as f*** cuz the team of Legendary beats were immaculate with the instrumental. They are so many songs I could analyze and give concrete and concise reviews on.
I just hope our musical artistes would be more creative and conceptual in 2014 and I hope media houses would be strict and ethical with what they dish out. Incase I forget to mention our video directors and beat smiths are on point too but as a producer you have a huge role to play.

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