The Marginalized youth.

I’m in this bus headed to the island(Cms) and I was seated with a man in the front seat. The driver was in doubt of what orile would look like so we took the Ajegunle route and when we got to boundary market there was this hotel that’s very popular around the lagos metropolis with its branches scattered around the mainland popularly called Premier hotel.
We had this minor traffic and our bus halted in front of the hotel and we saw 4 girls almost underdressed looking tired and stressed from last nights romp I guess. And the old man said “oh!!!! This are beautiful girls but to me they look dirty” and I was like “sir….. How do mean sir?” He said that don’t I realize that they are prostitutes? I said I know quite alright but its not their fault. There I was, stupidly trying to defend what was bad using governments inadequacy as an excuse or crutch.
The old man who’s a lecturer and a career coach scolded me and told me the more I blame the government for my misfortune the more obese and planless I’d become. He told me that getting myself useful is the only clear and smooth way to move ahead because by the time I die and get to wherever I’m destined for I’d be question with what I achieved and how did I put my brains and mind to work.
But the adamant me was trying to defend my already misled generation by telling him that my generation was Marginalized that’s why the government made moves without what I called “the ten year plan” which is in layman words called long time plan. And he told me too “shut up” and surprisingly I sealed my mouth and he talked me out of my thoughts.
We are marginalized but its for a purpose, me and you can make this nation move ahead with whatever we are good at. The only thing we should seek from the older incapable generation is too watch them fail us over and over again and use their incessant failures as a crutch to move forward. Have a nice day

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